The Roads to War

Recovering From What?


Our heroes begin by racing for the Summit. Kit makes it to the chancellor on time to warn him about the planned attack. As the others arrive, a black fire starts and engulfs the remaining council as well as the players. Leaving the council deceased and the players burned and scarred. The chancellor comes back in to find that the players are all suffering from some kind of amnesia. He then convinces them to join him on the airship.

On the airship, the players make introductions and get to know each other and their situation a little better. Then vultures come swooping down causing panic and chaos. Eventually the vultures are driven off through persuasion. The remaining vulture is flailing about until it snaps all the ropes holding the balloon to the boat. The boast falls and crashes into the desert, but everyone remains generally unharmed due to quick wit, magic, and dumb luck. Except for the chancellor who speared on accident by a ballista bolt.

Then out from the sand, an orc chief and several of his warriors engage the players in fierce combat. The players were beat up, knocked out, almost killed, but they prevailed due to the help of the Justicars. The Justicars recognized Rydell and invited him and his party onto their ship to head back to Sterik. With Benrik informing everyone of what’s happening and Rydell brought up to speed by Andros, the players sleep for the night. Hopefully, tomorrow they will get some more answers as to who they are, and what this Relic is.



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